5 Japanese Podcasts to Test your Listening Skills


I’ve written before about how I use podcasts to study Japanese. Since then I have been trying about a few different podcasts and thought I would share a few that I have enjoyed listening to. I find these podcasts interesting and they happen to be in Japanese, which is a win-win situation. If you are looking for more Japanese study related podcasts, I would check out the podcast recommendation series of posts.

I’ve linked to each podcast in the titles below: alternatively, you should be able to find the podcast by searching for the title if you have a specific podcasting app (or iTunes).


This is a podcast aimed at the Japanese community in Australia and sometimes focuses on community events taking place around the country. Don’t let this put you off because each episode covers a different topic and includes interviews and discussions in Japanese. There is often a quick summary in English of what each episode is about at the very beginning.

I really like the range of interviews they have on this podcast, which normally last 10-15 minutes. Not only that, I find the speaking really clear which makes it a great podcast to listen to when you are out and about.


In my previous post on podcasts, I mentioned a podcast called ひいきびいき. This podcast follows a similar format in that it is usually two people (one male, one female), who discuss specific topics in each episode. This podcast has been going for some time and there are hundreds of episodes to listen to, generally covering everyday topics such as food and drink, technology and TV.

Like ひいきびいき, I just enjoy hearing the presenters views on different things, and the discussions are usually interesting. At 30-40 minutes long, the average episode length is probably the longest of the podcasts covered in this post.


This is probably my favourite on the list. Each episode focuses on a different topic, which is often the origin of things from Japan and beyond: previous episodes have covered topics such as such as yakitori, saunas, ukiyoe, and darts to name a few. The episodes start out with a short drama skit in which the main character goes back in time to learn how and why the topic of the episode came to be as it is in the present. This is then followed up with an interview with someone who is a specialist in said topic to discuss it in more detail.

I really like the way of presenting the history of each topic in the form of a skit which makes the podcast both engaging and easy to digest, especially for Japanese learners. I do feel like I have learnt a lot from listening to only a couple of episodes!


Sometimes watching the news can be very depressing – this podcast is all about sharing various news stories that are uplifting and interesting. Each podcast episode is about 20 minutes long and covers 2-3 good news stories. The two presenters read out the story and will have a brief discussion around each one.

This is a nice episode to relax to either in the morning or evening.There are not too many episodes and podcast hasn’t been updated for a few months, but I still think it is worth listening to when you get tired of the normal news channels.


This podcast is a series of dramatised versions of various stories, with each episode focusing on a different story. These stories are a mix of Japanese and non-Japanese authors, including the likes of Shakespeare and Chekhov. A lot of the stories covered are well-known traditional stories that you can find in Japanese on Aozora Bunko.

I find that the podcasts are an interesting way to listen to stories that you may already be familiar with. You can easily find one of the stories (for beginners I recommend the stories by Kyusaku Yumeno, Mimei Ogawa or Nankichi Niimi) on Aozora Bunko and try giving them a read before you listen to the corresponding episode.

Looking for more Japanese podcasts to try? Check out this post which has more options aimed at people studying Japanese.

What podcasts do you like listening to and why? Please let me know in the comments!

12 thoughts on “5 Japanese Podcasts to Test your Listening Skills”

  1. Hey, thank you for the recommendations!

    Is there a level of Japanese that you’d recommend to reach before jumping into listening podcasts? Or it should be okay for any levels including (upper) beginners just to listen and try opening one’s ears to pronunciation etc.? 🙂

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Panna, thanks for your comment!

      I’d say that if you are upper beginner or above then these podcasts are fine for listening practice. As you say, you might find it easier to focus on the sounds and pronunciation rather than the content.

      Out of the 5 covered in this post, I especially recommendピートのふしぎなガレージ for beginners, since the episodes are not too long and so a bit less scary to try and listen to. If you can find an episode on a topic you are already familiar with that is even better!

      I don’t put too much pressure on understanding everything I hear with podcasts, but I will listen to an episode I really like more than once to try and understand as much as possible!


  2. Wow, ピートのふしぎなガレージ is great! Thank you so much for sharing! I haven’t checked the others yet, but I will! Thank you 😄

    1. Yes – I found these through my podcast app (Podcast Republic), so you should be able to find them using a podcast app of your choice by searching for the title 🙂

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