Author Spotlight: 夢野久作 Yumeno Kyusaku

Author Spotlight Yumeno

The second author in my Author Spotlight series is another writer from the early 20th century, Kyusaku Yumeno.

Kyusaku Yumeno was the pen name of Taido Sugiyama. Born in Fukuoka in 1889, he was a student at Keio University and also spent time working on a farm and training to become a Buddhist priest before finding a job as a newspaper reporter. It was whilst holding his reporting job that he wrote many of his stories.

Yumeno’s first work to gain popularity was a novella called あやかしの鼓 (あやかしのつづみ /Apparitional Hand Drum), but his most famous piece was ドグラ・マグラ (Dogura Magura). Published in 1935, Dogura Magura tells the story of protagonist Ichiro Kure on his quest for the truth behind how he ended up in a mental ward in Kyushu University Hospital.

Aside from these, he wrote a great number of short stories which are readily available on Aozora Bunko. I’ve read a few of his short stories and think that a number of these make great reading practice for Japanese learners. In terms of grammar and vocabulary the grammar is fairly straightforward, although at times there can be more formal language (eg. おります and いらっしゃいます; using -ぬ verb suffix to indicate a negative form) that might throw beginners. Overall I think upper beginners/lower intermediate learners and up will be able to read these without too much difficulty.

Here are a handful of stories I recommend to get you started:

二つの鞄 /ふたつのかばん

A very short story about two bags who do not get on with each other. Being as short as it is I can’t really say anything else but it is a story that reminds me of an Aesop’s tale. Learners at JLPT N3 will find this an easy read.

虻のおれい/ あぶのおれい

Another short story about a little girl called Chieko saves a horsefly. The horsefly returns the favour when Chieko finds herself in a difficult situation. A story that emphasizes the importance of helping others, which I think is also around JLPT N3 level.


A brother and sister think they have lost their beloved dog and doll in a fire, however, their dreams suggest that they might just be able to get them back.

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