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ひさしぶり readers and apologies for the lack of posts/ responses to comments.

I’m still in the process of unpacking!

You might know from social media that I’ve had an impromptu break from the blog as I have been moving house. I was only planning on being away for a couple of weeks but I had some issues getting the internet set up. Thankfully these are resolved and I am mostly settled in my new place. I also took the opportunity to refresh the blog’s theme.

Being away from the internet for so long did give me a chance to reflect on my language learning. When I have had time to study I have been keeping things really simple.

I mostly listened to my favourite podcasts, read books and did my Anki reps (well, some of the time).

I was appreciative of the break from the internet for the most part, as I realised that I spend so much time relying on the internet for just about everything. I certainly want to make more time for offline language learning in the future.

Naturally, as my daily routine has changed, my language learning routine is in the process of changing too. I have a longer commute which is ideal for Anki reps and podcasts. On the other hand, I have less time in the morning which is when I used to get in a lot of reading practice. I’m planning to spend more time doing some reading just before I go to bed to make up for it!

The great thing about moving is that I have my own desk for my study sessions. I definitely plan on hitting my JLPT textbooks more consistently going forward.

When I didn’t have the internet, the one thing that I definitely missed the most was the language learning community. Logging into Twitter and Instagram everyday is a massive source of inspiration for me (as long as I don’t spend too much time on it!).

This is a short post today but I want to end by saying thank you for your patience and expect some new posts very soon 🙂

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  1. choronghi.WORDPRESS.COM

    omg I’ve read one of the books in your picture! Needlessly to say I do not care for higashino keigo. They also made a drama out of the book but they make so many dramas out of his books so it’s not earth-shattering news.

    i wrote this on dokushometer in 2013

    東野圭吾を読んでみる気分になって一応受賞されたからこの作品を選びました。これで私が最初と最後に読む東野圭吾作品になるでしょう。 最初の2ページだけでも相性がないという風に感じました。書き方は可も不可もなく個人的には読むのが面倒くさく感じました(相性のある作家さんだと文章を読むのが快適で気持ちいいもんですね~)。内容も設定を覗いて会話や出来事が平凡で味気ないと思いました。一見、設定が面白そうなのにつまらないですね。それは設定を活かしてないというより設定が設定でただ一見は面白そうけどもっと深く考えるとつまらなさそうという予想になる。さすがに途中から私(わたくし)流の斜め読みや飛ばし読みを敢行しました。それはズバリ括弧の中だけを読んで分からなくなって状況を把握したいときは周りの文章も読むということです! たとえば、直子の実家に行った章ではどうでもいい会話でさらに描写も読むとつまらなくてもう読めません。もうひとつ文句を言うと、キャラクターに入り込めなかった。みんなが普通で質が中か中の下のドラマに出るようなキャラクターって感じでした。感情移入もできず興味も引かれずでした。も平たく端的に言うとつまらない。。。相性がな


  2. choronghi.WORDPRESS.COM

    the book cost me $1 because it was at book-off. this year I”m gonna finally read one of murakmai haruki’s books. I never tried to read his books because he seems to polarize people and I was worried I might fall into the camp that doesn’t like him. well i’ll find out for sure soon

  3. こんばんは!I found your blog today and it’s been such a fun experience.

    As an absolute beginner, I’m so looking forward to learning from someone who’s already gone through the period I’m going through right now.

    ありがとう and cheers from Brazil!

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