Kotobites November Writing Challenge: Week 1: 1st – 5th Nov


Welcome to the Kotobites November Japanese Writing Challenge. In case you missed it, please take a look my intro post on what this is and why I’m doing it – you can do as little or as much as you can!

Here are the writing prompts for Week 1 (up to 5th November):

1st Nov (Wed) 1日(水曜日)




Have you ever seen a ghost?

2nd Nov (Thur) 2日(木曜日)



What food are you good at making?

3rd Nov (Fri) 3日(金曜日)





What is your occupation/major? Why did you choose that occupation/major?

4th Nov (Sat) 4日(土曜日)



Where would you rather live, in the city or in the countryside?

stress red pencil

5th Nov (Sun) 5日(日曜日)



How do you relieve stress?


Hints for beginners

  • Looking to get your writing checked? I recommend Lang-8 (if you already have an account – unfortunately, they are no longer taking new registrations), HiNative or ask a friend/language partner.
  • Following the sentence structure of the question is the easiest way of constructing the answer. Feel free to expand on the questions as much as possible or adapting the question – whatever suits your stage of learning.

1st Nov:

〜ことがあります is a useful phrase for expressing something you have done before (as in ‘Have you ever been scuba diving?’).

2nd Nov:

得意 is similar in meaning to 上手(じょうず) meaning ‘to be good at (doing something)’.

You may prefer to use a different sentence structure such as ‘Xを作るのが得意です’.

3rd Nov:

Choose occupation or major depending on if you are working or studying.

When giving reasons for your answer you can use conjunctions such as 〜からです (verb before から is in plain form)

4th Nov:

You might want to use to show contrast between the city and the countryside by using a construction such as ‘XよりYのほうがZです’.

5th Nov:

In order to answer the question, you could change the sentence structure using the て form, such as 〜て、ストレスを解消します (I relieve stress by doing…).

Please let me know how you get on or if you have any suggestions for the 30 day challenge, otherwise I hope you enjoy 🙂

0 thoughts on “Kotobites November Writing Challenge: Week 1: 1st – 5th Nov”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! It is the most inspiring thing I have seen lately. I am taking up the challenge 🙂
    I have never been able to write regularly in Japanese before because I didn’t know what to write about… it is so much easier to get started with guidelines! Thanks!

  2. This is awesome! Quick Question, is okay if I use some of your questions for English Cafe that I have going on at my school? English cafe is for Japanese students that is practicing speaking in English! I’m also thinking of using the questions for myself to practice more Japanese! I was wondering if it’s okay with you for me to use them?

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