Writing Challenge Roundup

We are now into December, so that means that the 30 day Japanese Writing Challenge for November has finished. Doing this challenge was definitely harder in practice than I had thought it would be when I was planning it!


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Here’s a few things I realised during the challenge:

  • Having a dedicated journal near me at all times made it easier to sit down and write every day

I have a smallish notebook that I bought for jotting blog ideas down in – I chose to use this for the writing challenge because I always make sure to have it in my bag. Whenever I opened my bag during the day I would see it and that would remind me to write something down when I had a spare 5 minutes.

  • Having a writing prompt everyday took the stress out of deciding what to write about

This allowed me to focus on how to express myself in Japanese more than usual.

  • There’s a lot of kanji that I recognise but have forgotten how to write!

I’m so used to typing Japanese on my phone that when it comes to handwriting thinking of the co. There were a few days that I only had time to write my answers on my phone and not in my journal which made writing a much quicker process. For me, handwriting Japanese aids my memory so I will be focusing more on this in the future

If you’ve enjoyed this challenge and are looking for regular writing prompts, I recommend checking out this Hatena blog page (in Japanese). Each week they post a new writing prompt for bloggers to write about.

Screenshot 2017-12-01 at 08.40.50

If you scroll down the page you can read other people’s posts in relation to the weekly prompt, which is great reading practice!

I would really like to put together some other 30 day challenges in the future, so watch this space! The challenge can be taken at any time and at your own pace – it’s ok to miss a day out if you need to.

Please let me know how you found the challenge in the comments 🙂

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  1. I also opted for a small notebook. It may be a detail, but I find more rewarding to write in a small size notebook. Even a short text brings me to the end of the page and flipping through the pages I already wrote is very encouraging.
    Thank you for the link, it will be very useful!

  2. I’ve been wanting to practice writing Japanese in my hobonichi planner but couldn’t find any good prompts online. I will definitely check out that website and hopefully get some ideas for what to write. ^^

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